Scaling up and Out – Scott and Melissa’s Excellent Adventure

About 6 weeks ago, we were running through internal deep dives of the VMAX All Flash in preparation for launch. I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if we took this great content and explained it simply so that people would understand the architecture and packaging? Here is the resulting video:

What I love about VMAX All Flash is that it brings our customers performance at scale without sacrificing data services. What other product out there can bring our customers the reliability AND the massive scale they need at a consistent level of performance? Add in the ability to do metro distance active-active clustering in 4 clicks… The future is here kids -and it is beautiful!

I shared the original concept for this idea with my partner in crime, Scott Delandy, who wrote the script for this with me over Twitter DM and went above and beyond to ensure it was successful. Thank you to Scott for jumping in with me on this and activating the team of people that made this video possible. You are awesome! Thanks also to the EMC social media team, Jennifer Rivet, Jessica Kline, Francesca Melchiorri, Adam Temple and Joe Fleischmann for your help in making this video possible.

Enjoy the video. I am excited do more of these videos with Scott. I hope he’s in! As always, feedback is welcome.